IT Strategy & Consulting

Service Offerings

We work with you to develop practical, implementable IT strategies that align IT plans with business strategy to deliver maximum business value. We have clustered our offering around four focal points:

IT strategy and roadmap development : Developing IT strategies that enable the delivery of the business agenda, building business cases that enable the measurement and governance of the delivery of business value, and agreeing upon IT strategy roadmaps that set clear expectations, with all stakeholders, on when and how the strategy will be implemented.

Technology-enabled innovation insights: Enabling IT to proactively propose ways of using technology to enable innovation within the business, including:

  • Providing a future watch to make the business aware of technology trends that offer opportunities to do new things or to do existing things better, faster or cheaper.
  • Assessing the possible benefits of applying existing technology (applications, platforms, services and infrastructure) to your business processes, documenting possible risks or costs, and developing scenarios for realizing the business benefits.

Post M&A IT integration or carve-out management: The way in which IT is managed after a merger or acquisition can have a significant impact on realizing the expected deal value and enabling operational effectiveness.

Our IT integration offering helps you to ensure:

  • Day 1 continuity across business and IT operations
  • Month-end financial roll-up and reconciliation
  • Transition service agreements that minimize operational and mitigate IT challenges

Our IT divestment offering helps you to:

  • Establish an effective IT operating model for the retained IT organization
  • Reduce security and asset loss risks during transfer of ownership
  • Accelerate the separation of divested entity to retain focus on core operations

IT risk assurance / maturity assessment:

We provide IT risk assurance assessments and operational maturity assessments that give an external view, based on best practice and seasoned by our experience on what your IT risks are and how to mitigate them, and the maturity of your operational processes and how to improve them.

Tailored to your needs and priorities, these assessments provide you with fact-based insights on your current situation as well as recommendations for improvement.