Banking & Finance

Aptaxis Technologies provides winning edge to its Banking & Financial Services clients, leveraging its strong Business-to-IT connect and ability to deliver end-to-end IT solutions. We leverage our transformation capabilities and extensive techno-functional expertise to enable our client extract fuller value from their IT Spend.

We offer a wide range of IT solutions & services to our clients in the banking and financial services industries. Banking & Financial Services practice contributed 21% of our total revenue in fiscal year 2015. We have been working with top global and investment Banks across multiple business areas. Our banking and financial services clients include leading Asia-Pasific and Europe-based global financial institutions, European cards and payments service providers and several banks in Middle-East region. Our largest client in FY15 was a large Australian-based financial institution and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Banking and Finance Segments


Capital Markets and Investment Banking

We partner with leading investment banks and financial services firms across the globe, helping them to take a more strategic approach to their pre-trade, trade and post-trade processes.

Wealth and Asset Management

Aptaxis works with some of the leading global wealth management firms and has significant insights on the requirements and challenges faced by clients in this industry.

Securities & Fund Services

These services enable our clients across the financial services sector to improve regulatory compliance.


What we can do for you?

Capitalizing on proven domain experience, technical competence, and implementation expertise is certain to have a direct impact on a successful bottom line. Expertise in enhancing, expanding and maintaining existing systems, as well as designing and developing new systems to meet client needs, is yet another element of Infinite capabilities. Add unrelenting quality processes, a wide global presence, and the ability to constantly stay ahead of the technology trend curve - and you've got a winning formula that can tip the scales in your favour.

Why choose Aptaxis?

  • Team of industry leaders and partnerships with world class organizing skills.
  • Proven track record of performing large scale implementation with quantified ROIs.
  • Our solutions for the Banking & Financial Services industry that leverage past learnings and industry best practices.
  • Platform allows custom solutions to be delivered with shorter timelines.
  • Solutions robust enough to handle large institutions, yet nimble enough to meet the needs of smaller organizations.