Digital Operations

Currently digital revolution is dramatically transforming every industry, whether it has traditionally been considered "technology enabled" or not. Digital is changing the way companies serve customers, manufacture products, interact with stakeholders, manage operations, support and engage their workforce and more. Every business is, or soon will be, a digital business.

Creating a true digital operations environment goes well beyond putting individual technologies into the mix, hoping that the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. Automation, analytics, cloud, mobility, social-these technologies are most effective when they are integrated into how the business operates as a multi-sourced organization.

Aptaxis Digital Operations Proposition

A snapshot of the 4 solutions as part of Aptaxis Digital Operations Service Offering are captured below:

Big Data Analytics

This solution caters to the churning & analysis of significant volumes of Real Time Data for our customers. The solution aims at deriving intelligent insights from data by applying statistics, mathematics, simulations, optimizations or other techniques.


Aptaxis's AT-Social solution banks on the understanding and learning from our customer's comments on social networking sites. Over and above offering a collaboration platform, AT-Social analyzes data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social channels to assess real time prevailing sentiments

Digital Operations Centre

Integrating all the live and synthetic Application and Business performance data and analytics relevant to business's performance, Aptaxis's Digital Operations Centre provides a command center for organization's digital performance pertaining to On/ Off premise application & infrastructure environment and user experience. It also renders a 360-degree view of every measurable facet of the user experience.

Machine-2-Machine Learning

Aptaxis's M-2-M learning proposition is designed on the fact that Algorithms can now easily learn what variables to use from a dataset to get the best result. Apart from the Predictive Analysis from an increasingly large and diverse datasets, the solution also constitutes to automate the complete analysis component.


Aptaxis Digital Operations Service Offering constitutes the following key features:

Resilient Digital Platform

A resilient digital platform is like the nervous system of our Digital Operations service offering. Aptaxis's platform is designed to provide direct, on-demand access to secure, pre-configured services that are ready to use-anytime and anywhere. The platform being fully digital and built in a resilient fashion, it is easier to implement changes and enhancements that our customers typically require, and also to respond rapidly to changing customer, technology and marketplace developments.

Aptaxis's key focus here is to proactively "architect" resilience into platforms-creating standard solutions for specific business lines and industries while also being extensible, cost effective and resilient in the face of failure.

Analytics driven Insights

A key capability of digital operations is analytics the use of advanced analytics technologies to move our customer's business beyond a reactive state to one that is proactive. Aptaxis believes that with digital business services, we need to move beyond the descriptive-to predictive and prescriptive insights, helping our clients to anticipate what will or might happen in the future, and helping them decide what actions they should take to keep the company on the path to high performance.

Currently, data collection is growing exponentially & hence it is important to have tools that can digitize data delivered in any format (text, image, email, etc.). Big Data techniques is enabling us & our customers to swift through terabytes of operational and customer data for insights that could drive both greater efficiency and innovations to grow revenue. Capabilities also exist to leverage predictive analytics that are integrated into day-to-day operations to drive effective decision-making.

Digitally connected workforce

The platform at the heart of digital operations also connects the workforce in powerful ways, providing capabilities that enable information workers across the value chain of an engagement to improve their productivity, collaborate more readily and serve customers more effectively.

Connected knowledge resources are provided with access to peers and managers/supervisors to answer a question via collaboration and social media technologies. Workers are also incentivized and engaged to stay up to date on the latest knowledge and approaches to their work through gamification, including short games and tests. Social and collaboration tools provide personalized assistance to the connected workforce. Real-time collaboration and chat are enabled through applications such as Lync to enable conferring with colleagues and clients without leaving the process at hand. Enterprise social networking tools (e.g., yammer) and knowledge management tools (e.g., SharePoint) are embedded within the digital workforce platform to enable easy access to sources of information that may be needed to complete tasks.

An Innovative System

Aptaxis believes that neither any service provider nor our customers can sustain high performance without relying on, and working with, others across the business and technology ecosystem.

Rapid changes in technology are driving a new and ever-changing ecosystem. The technology landscape for any organization is being expanded and optimized to include more application providers and a combination of on premise and on-demand/cloud-based solutions.