Digital Workplace

The Digitalization of business is causing disruptive changes in the ways services are delivered and consumed. This change is not just limited to consumer world but it also greatly impacts the way internal services like IT are delivered and consumed within an organization. Gone are the days when users were fine with getting differential treatments when dealing with consumer world and when dealing with their own internal departments.

Aptaxis's Digital Workplace service offerings have been designed on the core principle of being obsessed with delivering great End user experience. This will be powered through extreme Automation and Analytics engine to provide a scalable model leading to higher productivity and consequently value driven cost reduction. The extreme automation is a unique way of ensuring IT to deliver Value to Users by making itself virtually invisible and at the same time delivering Value to business by significantly bringing the support costs down by up to 70%.

Hire to retire - Offering entire gamut of services to ensure great experience throughout the lifecycle

Aptaxis Digital Workplace Offerings envisions a fully digital experience for the end users right from the point they step into an organization till the time they move out. This starts by working closely with Human Resources Department to profile them into appropriate user categories so that IT is well aware of each user's unique requirement even before they have put their first step into the organization. Subsequently, all the critical services, corresponding to a user profile, which are necessary to make a user productive are lined up to ensure he/she is productive within minutes of joining an organization. This includes identifying his compute requirements to provide him a physical device or a VDI or enable him to use his personal device (BYOD).


Aptaxis's offerings can transform your workplace to a modern, collaborative, consumerized space catering to unique requirements of users not only impacting their productivity positively but also providing them consumer world like experience ensuring they feel valued at a place they have decided to spend at least 40% of their time of the day. The table below represents the value we generate for all stakeholders across End users, Suppliers and clienteles of our customers.


Aptaxis Digital Workplace Service Offerings

While Aptaxis offers full range of Workplace Services, they are catalogued to be highly flexible and modular. While the below provides a representative list, please feel free to contact us and we can design a solution which is customized to your exact requirements.