Enterprise Solution

Service Overview

Enterprise functions are no longer seen as cost centres operating to support the core business. Across industries, organizations are realizing the criticality of enterprise functions in achieving business outcomes. Enterprise solutions that enable these corporate and support functions are now strategic levers for business transformation as well as cost optimization.

Aptaxis's Enterprise Solutions group has been a forerunner in enabling process and IT transformation with the power of best-of-breed packaged solutions that transforms businesses across industries.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve with cloud computing, software-as-a-service, Internet of Everything, we continuously strive to stay ahead of the digital curve through investment in innovation and forging strategic partnerships with the ecosystem of the future. With the strength of our domain expertise and our focus on digital themes, we will be the Digital Architects, shaping our clients' core business, and helping them along in their digital transformation journey. Some of our digital themes that have resonated with our clients digital strategies are : Employee Management to Employee Experience, Supply Chain Efficiency to Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage, Financial reporting to predictive financial models and Customer Relationship Management to Customer Experience.

How is Aptaxis unique?

  • Aptaxis's Enterprise Solutions deliver business value to customers by combining digital technologies and industry best practices
  • We enable Role-Centric information flow across different systems with embedded orchestration and analytics
  • We bring to the table deep Domain Expertise in the core business processes of Human Capital Management, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management
  • We design a Digital Architecture, tailored and customized for client environments, to modernize their applications and facilitate risk free and accelerated transformation
  • We are leaders in designing, building and managing Hybrid environments which leverage the best of on-premise and cloud solutions from our go to market partners including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Workday
  • We leverage automation and analytics to optimize costs as well as deliver tangible business results for next generation managed services