Integrated Run

Digital transformation is changing the manner organizations are engaging with their employees, end customers and suppliers across the industry verticals. While the initial focus of digitalization has been with the front-end and customer experience areas because of the direct revenue impact as customers see, interact and engage with front-end functions; organizations are now leveraging the benefits of digital technologies for reorganizing the back-end Operations or Run the Business. Operations is responsible for enhancing the internal employees' experience of the applications they access and the infrastructure which keeps these applications on for employees, end customers and suppliers.

Because of diverse, mutually exclusive processes, separate automation frameworks and ways of working, Application Maintenance & Support and Infrastructure Operations have been kept and treated separately and distinctly traditionally. Digital technology innovations and platforms are now impacting both Application Maintenance & Support and Infrastructure Operations in largely the same manner. Cloud and technology innovations & advancements are enabling legacy applications to COTS or are re-written in a customized manner and the existing COTS applications are gradually being migrated to SaaS. Similarly, the underlying proprietary infrastructure platforms Mainframe/ i-p Series have been migrated to virtual discrete platforms and now to converged and hyperconverged platforms.

With Modern AD, Test Automation and SaaS-ification on one hand and common ITIL processes for service support & delivery along with a single automation platform, the demarcation between Application Support and Infrastructure Operations is now collapsing. Aptaxis's Integrated Run service offering addresses end-to-end RTB across Application Maintenance & Support and Infrastructure Operations leveraging the convergence areas across the dev, test, QA, pre-production and production environments and providing true 24 x 7 support model.

The future state Integrated Run, having a single service delivery structure governed by ITIL service support & delivery processes and enabled by a single automation platform is as shown below.

The key features and benefits as part of digitalizing end-to-end Operations through Integrated Run are as follows: