Manuscript Preparation Services

editapt is a subsidiary of Aptaxis Technologies Private Limited. Keeping eye on the the global researchers and scientists, Aptaxis made a decision to built an interactive portal which can help researchers to get their publication needs easily with affordable price. editapt is a global leading service provider in Scientific and English editing, proofreading, medical writing, formatting, publication support. editapt ensures that your content meets with the requisites of publication standards. Moreover, our experienced writers provide the same detailed comments about your article that you would expect from peer review before you submit your article for publication. Our editing services span a wide range of academic, scientific, technical, medical, mathematics, social sciences, marketing, management, trade, linguistic, health-related, and business/sales promotion literature. We have one of the largest in-house and online editing teams in the world, with over 250 editors covering a wide range of subject areas.

Most of our editors are full-time scientists or physicians, including professional medical writers and editors, capable of editing a scientific discovery and embracing a wide range of disciplines in the English language. We have designed and developed an intuitive global delivery model that helps us serve clients better and faster.


  • Premium Editing
  • Substantive Editing
  • Proofreading


  • Journal Specific Formatting
  • Typesetting and Reformatting


  • Medical Writing
  • Medical Rewriting
  • Scientific Writing
  • Custom Writing


  • Journal Selection
  • Journal Submission
  • Presubmission Peer Review
  • Response to reviewer comments


  • Artwork Preparation
  • Creating Poster Design
  • Design and Developing Promotional Materials

You can avail any of these services as your requirement by logging into and we can assure you that you have the great satisfaction after availing our service. Our experienced editors and writers will help you to get published in higher impact factor journals. In order to lower the cost of editing solutions, editapt has developed a network of editors around the world whose forte is their vast experience across a variety of various disciplines. We believe that language editing is as important as your writing. By using our valuable service, you can ensure that your work receives the needed enhancement with regard to academic guidelines and readability.