Retail & Consumer Goods

Creating a value for Consumer Packaged Goods industry

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is experiencing a significant shift in its functioning due to the advent of digital technologies. These new technologies have enabled the industry to enhance customer experiences by building deeper and more meaningful relationships with them. It has also allowed the industry to connect with customers faster, more efficiently, and offer personalized solutions.

These solutions have been made possible through the combination of enhanced business processes and the leveraging of digital solutions, including social media, mobile-based applications, and deeper data analysis. This has also played a significant part in the digitization of the entire value chain of the industry.

Further, the implementation of digital solutions has helped the industry renew some of its key focus areas. It has leveraged customer relationships to build long-term loyalty and has speeded-up the decision-making process through big data analysis to provide real-time insights.

Additionally, new technologies have enabled business processes to become more efficient. Specifically within manufacturing, logistics, and marketing, the CPG industry has witnessed heightened operational improvements. Also, the industry has been able to examine new markets, specifically emerging markets, for further growth opportunities.

In terms of business benefits, digital technologies have helped free up cash flow and improve bottom-lines due to increased operational efficiency. It has also helped in the undertaking of faster decision-making so as to enable companies further grow their market share.

Digital technology has dramatically enriched the CPG industry. It has led to significant progress for companies and will continue to do so going forward.

How we deliver business value to the CPG industry

In a digitalized landscape, Aptaxis enables consumer packaged goods (CPG) enterprises to cash in on new technologies - we provide a suite of solutions and services that includes analytics, product lifecycle management, performance management, and packaged application services.

While we are laser-focused on delivering the difference and making business benefits visible in engagements, we effect outcomes that span multiple areas of business impact - from helping our clients shape their business processes to improving the effectiveness of their marketing programs.

With a knowledge-driven and consulting-led approach, Aptaxis makes the transition to global creation and marketing seamless by implementing digital collaboration platforms and social commerce solutions.

Our thought leadership at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds enables us to create solutions that provide the right media mix for consumer connect. Leading-edge solutions like the Aptaxis Distributor Connect Platform have redefined customer-centric operations, collaboration and visibility in large enterprises.

With a host of solutions like Trade Promotion Management and services such as Application Maintenance, we enable CPG enterprises to free up valuable resources and focus on what they do best.